Want to take action? Here are some ways you can help pollinators in Indianapolis and beyond. 

Take Action

Help us build a network of safe spaces for pollinators across the country. Sign the Pollinator Pledge declaring your property as pesticide free, organic and pollinator friendly.

Tell Your Member of Congress to Support the Saving America's Pollinators Act. Capitol Hill is buzzing about a new bill that aims to provide long overdue protections for America's imperild pollinators.

Bee can't wait 5 more years. And neither can we. Join the campaign to ban bee-harmful neonicotinoid pesticides.

Tell Retailers to Stop Selling "Pre-Poisoned" Plants. Beyond Pesticides helped to release a new first-of-its-kind report with Friends of the Earth and other allies, which reveals that the world’s most popular pesticides, neonicotinoids (neonics), implicated as a key factor in global bee die-offs, may be lurking in our own gardens.

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