Call for Student Artwork: Bee Exhibition in the Indianapolis Artsgarden

Call for Student Artwork: SAVE THE BEES Exhibition in the Indianapolis Artsgarden
Contact: Jim Poyser:

Arts Council of Indianapolis, Bee Public and Earth Charter Indiana will raise awareness of the plight of Honey Bees in a month-long exhibition in the Artsgarden in April of 2016. Much like the Monarch Butterfly exhibition in 2015, the artwork collected from Indiana students will be displayed in the Artsgarden in downtown Indianapolis during the month of April. This project is in part thanks to a SustainIndy Community Grant Program.

Who: 4th and 5th Grade students in Indiana (class projects or individuals)
What: 3-D Honey Bees made from recycled, reused or repurposed materials
When: Respond to Jim Poyser by December 1 for exhibition in April 2016
Where: Indianapolis Artsgarden (intersection of Washington and Illinois)

One in every three bites of food we eat is made possible by pollinators such as Honey Bees. An estimated $15 billion worth of crops is pollinated by Honey Bees, including more than 130 fruits and vegetables in the United States. Honey Bee populations continue to decline due to Colony Collapse Disorder, diseases, parasites, poor nutrition, and pesticide exposure.

The work should be created using primarily reused or recycled materials and should be in a 3-dimensional form able to be hung from above or attached to glass walls. (See images attached/below of successful Monarch Butterfly installations) Interested class groups or individuals should research what materials are not being recycled or reused at their school and at home to discover the best materials with which to create their sculptures.

This exhibition, featuring hundreds of hand-crafted Honey Bees swarming about the Artsgarden, will not only highlight the threat to bees and other vital pollinators but also offer a solution to their demise: planting flowers, and placing hives. More action steps may be found at  


  • Student artists must be in 4th or 5th grade, living in Indiana
  • The majority of the materials used to make the sculptures must be recycled or reused/reclaimed. Each piece should include a small loop or some form of hanging mechanism.
  • All sculptures due in the Artsgarden no later than April 1 – no foolin’!
  • There are no size requirements, but bees should be no greater than 4”x4”x4”. Limit weight of piece to 5 lbs. Any larger and/or heavier pieces will need prior approval.

If interested in submitting artwork, please e-mail Jim by December 1 at You will then be on the list to receive updates with greater detail regarding delivery of art, special events, educational materials for students, etc.

For further information about the project and submitting artwork, contact Jim Poyser at For information about installation or the Artsgarden, contact Shannon Linker at