Beekeeping and Colony Collapse Disorder (Beautiful and really interesting video)

A couple of years ago I was reading a Scientific American magazine I borrowed from my dad and  I saw an article talking about the descending population of bees and all the consequences it may have to the environment. I wasn’t really aware of how important bees and other polinizers were and it was a surpise to find out about those people who rent their hives to polinize crops. When I started muy urban roof garden having bees was crucial for my plants and I begged for one bee although I’m not brave enough (nor have the space and tolerant neighbors) to have my own hive. I started to research about polinizers and air contamination and I finally found out about Colony Collapse Disorder (explained on the video) and other bugs being affected by pesticides and contamination.

During the last month I’ve been listening to my audiobook of  Farm City by Novella Carpenter (totally recomended) and the last week I got to the parte where she lost her hive (I guess it was the Colony Collapse Disorder) and how she got another one that split form her friend’s hive. I was amazed of how she took care of her hive and with this video I understood the connection a person may have with bees once you understand how important and beautiful they are.