It's nice to be niced


Holy crap. Smallbox Web Design liked my idea for Bee Public so much, they gave me a $1000 Nice Grant to get it up and running. THANK YOU. 

How far will that get me? Pretty far. Here’s a list of what I’m going to need to get started: 

  • Hive setup (one hive includes: bottom board, 2 deep supers, 20 deep frames, 2 honey supers, 20 honey frames, queen excluder, inner cover, outer cover, entrance reducer + feeder): $200 each
  • Package of bees: $75 each
  • Clothing + tools (veil, gloves, smoker, hive tools, bee brush):$125
  • Medications and feed: $35
  • Bee school: ranges from $30-$150
  • Bee books: $30
  • Honey extraction: $15 

Total first year with two hives: around $900

Not to mention, I’m going to connect with as many beekeepers, advocates, and enthusiasts around the state as I can. I’ve got lessons to learn, stories to hear, and more nice people to meet.