Many questions like children often do


The cool thing about beekeeping? (I mean, besides everything)? There’s a ton of info out there: websites, blogs, books, youtube videos, other beekeepers. 

Today there was a guy talking urban beekeeping at the Flower and Patio Show (above). Beekeeping is everywhere, you guys. 

All that info can be overwhelming for a a wannabe beekeeper. In Indiana we have TWO beekeeping associations to choose from. Why are there two, and which one do I join!? (I’ll answer that later)

At this point, a month before I “adopt” my bees, I have three questions weighing on my mind, which I’ll explore over three separate posts: 

1. How should I get my bees? (I already know the answer to this one! YAY!)

2. Who should I buy my hives from? (I don’t know!)

3. Where should my bees live? (I’m still not really sure, but I think I know!)

Stay tuned.