There's no place like hive

I met Stevie at Bee School. He’s Amish, has braces, and looks to be just shy of his 17th birthday. I’m not sure that last part is true, but I really like Stevie and I like that I can drive up to his bee supply store on his farm in Greencastle, Indiana (took me about an hour to get there from Fountain Square) to buy hives + other bee supplies.

I could just order online, but instead I wanted to 1. Buy local 2. Get my questions answered face to face 3. Have a cool experience. And I’ll take any excuse for a rural road trip + farm visit. 

Here’s where I bought my hives: 




Other places you could buy your hives + beekeeping supplies: 

I realized I forgot to pick up a few things at Crystal Waters, so I may drive to RJ Honey just to have a different, local experience.