"Wanna-bee" Holiday Beekeeping Package


Give the gift of beekeeping this holiday season. This package includes everything (well, everything but the bees!) you’ll need to get started keeping bees in spring 2015. 

- Hiveware: Top cover, inner cover, two deeps, frames and foundation, screened bottom board, and entrance reducer.

- Safety Equipment and Tools: Bee suit of your choosing, beekeeping gloves, hive tool, and smoker.

- Consultation and Support: A one hour consultation with Bee Public includes help with where to buy bees, location scouting, setting up your new hive, and resources for connecting with other local beekeepers in your community.

Packages start at $300, price varies based on size of hive and equipment selected. Please contact Kate for more details. Limited quantity available, please reserve your package ASAP. 

*Bee Public is also available to teach Beekeeping 101 classes and/or give talks on the importance of bees in our food system for organizations and schools. If interested, please contact Kate at beepublicproject@gmail.com.