Welcome to the Bee-Centennial

Honeybees don’t hibernate in the winter. They cluster together, raising their body temperatures to 93 degrees by flapping their wings, and snack on that sweet stored honey. And they keep on moving. 

It may be winter, but we’re not hibernating either. You might even say we’ve been “busy bees.” Save the Bees Indiana is in full-swing, with bee presentations being made in classrooms all over the city, kids are beginning to work on their bee art for the April exhibit, and we’ve been chatting with city council members about the issue of pesticides in Indianapolis. And it’s only January! 

Bee presentation at Center For Inquiry #2. This classroom is getting an observation beehive inside (the bees will funnel outside through a tube in the window to forage). 

We stopped by to chat with Paramount School of Excellence’s Bee Team! Paramount not only has bee hives, they also have chickens, goats, and a cheese-making operation! 

Kate held a Beekeeping 101 class this weekend that drew almost 80 people to the Boner Fitness and Learning Center on the near Eastside. Mostly adults, but a few kids came along with their parents. So many potential beeks!