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What do I do if I see a swarm of bees in my yard?

  • If you see a swarm of honeybees, call a beekeeper not an exterminator! 
  • If you are in the Downtown Indianapolis area, contact us* to safely capture and re-home the swarm. At this time, we cannot do structural removals (ie. in walls, buildings or other structures that would need to be damaged to remove the bees). *Please include a photo if possible. 
  • If you are elsewhere, you can find a beekeeper in your area here -- DNR: Indiana Beekeepers Swarm List
  • When bees are in a "swarm state" they are incredibly gentle and will not sting unless provoked. The colony is resting while scout bees hunt for a new home. In most cases they will move on within a few hours. To read more about honeybee swarms, check out this article

Do you do talks about bee keeping and bees?

Yes! Education and outreach is at the core of what we do. We want to tell the world about the importance of bees to our food system, why they're in trouble, and what we can do to help. If you're interested in having Bee Public speak to your group, please contact us. We can create a custom presentation for any age group and audience size.  

Can you help me set up a hive? 

Bee Public raises awareness about the plight of bees and pollinators by placing beehives in high-traffic areas that will expose the public to honeybees, fostering curiosity and squelching fear. We create strategic partnerships with restaurants, urban farms, and cultural institutions to reach as many people as possible. If your organization would like to help Bee Public accomplish this, please contact us

At this time, we do not set up backyard hives. Interested in becoming a beekeeper? Here's some info to get you started. Check out Bee Public's Facebook and Twitter pages for upcoming FREE classes and workshops.

If I don't want a hive what can I do to save the bees?

  • Plant flowers
  • Don’t kill swarms (call a beekeeper, not an exterminator!)
  • Don’t use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. 
  • Support sustainable beekeeping and agriculture

How can I support you?

Where can I buy your honey? 

Bee Public does not harvest honey from our bees. Because it's their food, we leave all the tasty honey for the bees since they work so hard to make it. If you would like to get some local Indiana honey, head to your nearest farmers market or co-op. 

What is Save the Bees Indiana? 

Save the Bees Indiana is working to increase awareness about pollinator decline and the inextricable link between pollinators and our food system. One in every three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees yet their numbers are declining due to pesticide use, habitat loss and climate change. In collaboration with Earth Charter Indiana and the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Save the Bees Indiana raises awareness about the plight of honeybees and pollinators through art, advocacy, and action. We have made classroom presentations to more than 30 area schools (reaching around 1800 students) about the importance of pollinators. More here